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Genogram visibility on Internet

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Author Genopro 2007 does not show genogram on the Internet, but old version does
Posted Saturday, January 2, 2010 - Post #25176
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I published my genograms on my Internet site, With the older versions of Genopro, I could see them (with the older versions of Genopro available on my computer). Hoever, updating to the new 2007 version, and uploding the new Reports, everything is fine and according to the 2007 version, however, the genogram cannot be seen. It says it is not available. The Firefox is looking for a file, FamilyTree.gno, however, amoung the uploaded file there is only a familytree.gno file. I think this is the reason, because when I have changed familytree.gno to FamilyTree.gno and uploaded it (there was a remark when uploading the if my server is not a UNIX one, the small letter file will be change to the capital one). immediately it started working.
My question: should I make this change each time manually, or is there any automatic way to do it?
Posted Sunday, January 3, 2010 - Post #25188
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I have used GenoPro ftp to look at a report I created a couple of weeks ago and FamilyTree.gno exists in that format. Never seen a case of format change before.
The forum reports that you are using an earlier version of GenoPro but that should not be the cause

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