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Feature suggestion: Counter object

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Posted Sunday, March 20, 2011 - Post #28041
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Hi everyone. Long time no see.

I had this idea of a "Counter Object" as I was counting the number of (direct) descendants of my late grandfather the other day. Until now I have updated it myself and written in a text object next to each generation to keep track how many grandchildren and grandgrandchildren he had (which is quite common trivia, I think). But this is of course something that could easily be automated since there is already algorithm to select the descendants. So the suggestion in a nutshell is:

How about a simple Counter Object that would automatically count the selected properties (for example, the number of direct descendants, preferrably by generation) and output as like it was a dynamic Text Object?

Example of usage:
I write a normal Text Object in genomap, like: "Number of grandchildren:" and then add a Counter Object next to it. Result:
"Number of grandchilden:" "24". Then if I add another grandchild, the Counter Object dynamically changes to "25", without me having to update it by hand (if some sort of "refreshing" is necessary, it's not a big deal).
Posted Monday, February 3, 2014 - Post #33109
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Well, this is a bit old, but it's close to my topic. Recently I've been thinking of something similar, except I'm interested in the generation number of the selected individual, counting from the top of the tree. I'm working with a large family tree (just over 3000 individuals) which is next to impossible to separate due to the complexity of intermarriages, and in the process of building the tree it has become unclear as to the proper vertical (generational) placement of some branches of the tree. As a result, the tree visually has significantly more generations than it actually has, and untangling the lines has been just as difficult as untangling any sort of physical stringy stuff. I've already taken the sword to this Gordian knot once already (this tree is a rebuild of an earlier version), and I don't really want to do that again.

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