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Way to preserve language data version

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Author Using other language template without ruining it
Posted Friday, May 18, 2012 - Post #30149
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For some time it seemed to me that I'm the only one using and translating Croatian (HR) language template for genopro interface...

Just few days ago I noticed significant changes in template suggesting that someone using Serbian language Latinversion, or Bosnian language Latin version used Croatian template to create template of their own changing Croatian template at the same time ... Is therea way to lock the template to some user to approve the changes, or implement anotice “You are about to permanently change XXXX version of template do Youwant to do it or save it as the other language template.” And then, option to open dialogue – Save as…

By the way there is no Bosnian language on the language list to choose... in either cyrillic or latin form... Or Croatian (Latin, Bosnia and Herzegovina)  Please put it in a list of languages!

Thank You.

And at the same, I’m implying to theauthor of the newer translation to cooperation in translation, as two/three languages are not so different, so we can help each other in translating the dialogues without ruining it to others!

You can PM me at any time…

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