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Tracking living places

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Author Use the Georef function to draw a chronological line between living places
Posted Wednesday, July 4, 2012 - Post #30324
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GenoPro is definitely av favourite. I enjoy very much using the option of stating a Lat/Long position for places in my ancestor tree.

The Majoirity of these places are places, houses and streets where my ancestors lived, and many of them moved around quite a bit.

It would be nice to have a function connected to the GeoRef, where it can draw a line between all the places a person or a family have been through the years,

in this way the history of the individuals will (according to my point of view) become more living.

Basically the prerequisites are already there; the dates and the Lat/Long information.

Would it be possible?
Posted Saturday, July 7, 2012 - Post #30344
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It would be possible, however I did consider looking further into this feature some while back using KML format data to draw lines on the Google Map. 

In my opinion the GenoPro data is not best suited for this.  If we were to draw lines for every individual then there could well be a confusing plethora of lines.  There is no place information directed associated with a family, and also families are dynamic with members joining and leaving/dying over time.  

Ideally I would like to be able to track households rather than individuals or families, but again there is no place or occupancy information for GenoPro 'Households' and like families their membership is dynamic.

I suppose one solution would be a facility to flag and colour code key individuals and track the occupancy places of just those flagged, optionally together with the households they are associated with. Tracking their places of occupation could be another option.

Maybe this is something I will look into further over the winter when I should have more time, unless someone else would like to take up the challenge. 

Any other suggestions welcome.

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