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How to install updated or custom skins for GenoPro 2011

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Author updated 2015.05.19
Posted Friday, September 21, 2012 - Post #30691
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GenoPro has a number of Report Templates (a.k.a. 'skins') built into the executable program.  These are the Report Skins that initially appear in the Report Skin drop down list in the Generate Report dialog.

It is possible to add more Report Skins to the list. Updates to the built-in skins are published on this forum and can be added to GenoPro using the method described in this post.  Such skins are held in the 'Skins Folder'.   When GenoPro is initially installed the default folder is one named Skins below the folder in which GenoPro is installed, normally Program Files. 

This is not actually the best place for these.  Later versions of Windows discourage holding user files under Program Files.  It is therefore recommended that you use one of your own folders created explicitly for this purpose.  It is suggested that this is close to where your .gno files are held.  Perhaps under My Documents/GenoPro create a folder called Skins.

Once you have created this folder then configure GenoPro to use this folder by specifying it under the Options Tab of the Generate Report Dialog.  Use the Browse button to locate it in your file system. (the path to your folder may differ from the example below)

**  N.B. you then need to click the Generate button to save this setting but you can subsequently click Cancel to abort the Report generation

New report skins and bug fixes and enhancements to existed skins are from time to time published in 'zip' files as attachments to posts on this forum.  In order to use these report skins they must each be installed into a folder below your Skins folder.  

First download the zip file and then extract the files from it ('unzip' it).  Locate the downloaded zip file in Windows Explorer, right click and select Extract All..  Specify the folder path required,  

** N.B. the example below uses 'Latest Narrative Report' as the destination folder but you should choose a name reflecting the Report skin you are installing e.g. 'Export to Gedcom' etc.

** N.B. Please note the the folder you specify here is NOT the skins folder given above but a folder BELOW it.  

e.g. on Windows 7

You can of course use a utility such as WinZip or 7-Zip to unpack the files, but ensure you use a unique folder name BELOW you nominated skins foolder.

When you next launch the GenoPro Generate Report dialog, then your new skin should be available in the drop down list.

** N.B. The updated skins do not replace the original built-in version in the list.  They are added as an extra entry in the list, named using the folder name you chose when unzipping the skin.  You can have several versions of the same skin by choosing a unique folder name.  e.g. use something like 'Narrative 2014.04.20' instead of 'Latest Narrative Report'

You can create custom copies of the in-built Report Skins by selecting the required Skin in the drop down list of the Generate Report dialog and then click the New Skin button. This will copy the files into a folder BELOW your nominated Skins folder, named Customized <skin name> and then launch Windows Explorer showing this folder. Use the Edit Skin button when an existing custom skin is selected to launch Windows Explorer for that skin folder.

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