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Suggestions for creating Family Tree of Univeristy Football Alumni and...

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Author Using GenoPro to keep track of former alumni and current players
Posted Friday, February 1, 2013 - Post #31196
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My university's football club has a spreadsheet they've cobbled together with about 1,700  names, phone numbers, emails and addresses of former and current players, as well as season ticket holder (some of whom are former players), as well as parents of current players.

For players, all it has listed is their year of graduation, and if they were a captain.

What I'd like to do is create a genopro file/report to hold this database, and include more information in it.

Wondering what suggestions you all have for this?

My plan is to create a genomaps for:
  •  each year going back to 1950, players would appear on which year they played, redshirted players would have a red outline
  • one big genomap, with a matrix .. jersey numbers down the left side, years across the top, team, conference, and national awards and titles along the bottom
  • another for season's ticket holders
  • a last one for families, since some of the players are related, as well as to show the parents of current players.
I'm wondering the best way to do things to avoid redundancy/wasting time with extra steps.

Each team genomap has a social entity titled, eg "2013 Football Team" in the middle.  Above it are 3 coloured areas for defensive linemen, linebackers, and defensive backs.  Below the social entity, are 4 coloured areas for Offensive Linemen, Quarterbacks, Running Backs, and Receivers.  I will probably need another one for Special Teams (Punters/Kickers)
  • I put each individual in their position area for their year.
  • I add their date of birth, high school,  and current address, phone number, email, and facebook or linkedIn links, if I have them.
  • I put their high school and university dates under education
  • Under occupation, I list their number and position for each year they played, eg #7 QB Aug-2012 to Nov-2012
  • I adjust the display, making the outline red if they were a redshirted player (did not dress for games), and change the 4 quadrants in the display to show me if I have a mailing address, phone number, email, and/or web site.
  • I then link the player to that year's social entity as a member, and hyperlink him to each of the years that he played, and to the Player genomap.  On the player genomap, I link him to the Social Entity for each jersey number.
Is there a way this can more easily be done?

Can I somehow show they were a member of a particular group for a particular period of time .. eg, they wore #14 from year x to year y?
  • #1 AA
  • #2 BB
  • #3 CC
  • #4 DD
If I make it the guy's occupation, Genopro will only show the latest one #4 DD across all 5 genomaps (ie, 4 years and the jersey number one)

Any advice?

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