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Regarding selection of overlapping objects...

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Author Determining which object is selected should be more intuitive
Posted Sunday, February 28, 2016 - Post #36772
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Something I've had recurring issues with recently (because I'm dealing with a very crowded genogram and having to "uncrowd" it manually due to its complexity) is overlapping objects, and in particular a counterintuitive experience when it comes to the object selected. If I click within the border (or bounding rectangle) of an individual, that individual should always be the object selected, as it is at the top in z-position. But frequently I will attempt to select an individual only to find that I have selected the unrelated family line running behind the individual. Why does this happen?

On a related note, the default object spacing is far too small; this is what has led to these crowding issues in the first place, because I imported this (very large) genogram from a GEDCOM file exported from another program. I would set the default horizontal space between spouses to 200 units (four grid squares) whether they are created via "new spouse" or "new parents"; this would have the added benefit of visual consistency of style. Also, the vertical space between generations should default to 200 units as well; 100 units from the parents to the family line, and 100 units from the family line to the children. As it is, the current default vertical spacing doesn't allow for three lines of text (the default for individuals) without obscuring the family line, and this has led to all sorts of frustration as I deal with this imported genogram. What I would love to see in GenoProX is a way to set these default spacing properties globally (for new genograms and imports; it should not affect any existing GenoPro files, for obvious reasons, although I would allow the modification of these properties to affect the active selection so that existing genograms can take advantage of the new capabilities).

Just a few thoughts. Smile

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