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XML toolkit family label error

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Author Dates displayed in family label are in reverse order
Posted Thursday, March 17, 2016 - Post #36835
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I've returned to using GenoPro because of the comparative ease of manipulating the genograms. However, I'm having issues manipulating the data.

I'm running the 2015/10/04 version of the tool box to add marriage dates to the genograms.

The template defaults the following: dd/mm/yyyy.

However, the generator writes yyyy/mm/dd to the family label.

If dates of birth are selected for display in the genogram, the correct order (dd/mm/yyyy) is displayed.

What's happening?


Posted Friday, March 18, 2016 - Post #36841
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Thanks for reporting this issue James.

The configuration parameters indicate that the date should be 'dd MMM yyyy' e.g. 28 Aug 1971, however currently the skin generates dates with a format of yyyy-MM-dd e.g. 1971-08-28. 

The report uses the default date format as defined in Dictionary.xml (lines 101-107). Changing these lines to 

<!-- Default date formatting templates -->
<FmtYMD>dd MMM yyyy</FmtYMD> <!-- 31 Jan 2006 -->
<FmtYM>MMM yyyy</FmtYM> <!-- Jan 2006 -->
<FmtY>yyyy</FmtY> <!-- 2006 -->
<FmtMD>dd MMM</FmtMD> <!-- 31 Jan -->

brings the default formatting in-line with the Config Params format.

You can replace your Dictionary.xml file in your XML Toolkit skin folder with the attached to apply this correction.

The updated skin will be available in a later update to GenoPro 2016.

If you actually want dd/mm/yyyy then change dd MMM yyy to dd/MM/yyyy and MMM yyyy to MM/yyyy in your Dictionary.xml

'lego audio video erro ergo disco' or "I read, I listen, I watch, I make mistakes, therefore I learn"

Dictionary.xml (22 views, 4.96 KB)

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