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store genopro files into a data base (rdbms)

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Author interoperability with a electonic medical records
Posted Wednesday, May 11, 2016 - Post #37034
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There is the ability to save files GenoPro within a database engine ?, We would like to store the Genograms in the same database where we have our patient clinical information . Is this possible ?, as it should be development ?, on our part, a community or a centralized project?. It is possible to use the SDK or API to GenoPro to do this?


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Posted Thursday, May 12, 2016 - Post #37035
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The documentation is available at

This documentation needs to be slightly updated, as the name was changed from "External Storage" to "Database Storage".

In summary, in the Options dialog, you need to specify a URL for the WebsSrvice of your server.  Then restart GenoPro for the changes to take effect.

You will see in the File menu the options to Open from Database and Save to Database.

On your server, you need to implement the following four WebMethods:
  1. FilesList - To list all the files available on the server.  This method is called when the user wants open a file from the database.
  2. FileOpen - To open a specific file.  The server must send the file data on the network wire so GenoPro can receive it.
  3. FileSave - When you click on the Save button, GenoPro calls FileSave with the file data.  The server receives the data and write it on its internal storage, either a file on the server or a database.
  4. FileDelete - The user may click on the Delete File button to delete a specific file on the server.
A sample source code is available at the bottom of page
To save to a RDBMS, implement the WebMethods to load and store into the DB.

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