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Posted Wednesday, January 18, 2017 - Post #37630
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I work on a public service in Spain, and we are looking for purchasing a 25 license pack. As far as I can understand the licence as it appears into the "Buy" section (599USD$) is lifetime with no need of suscriptions or so on. Isn't it?

About GenoProX ... it seems that it is the future development model for the software, so we can understand that the actual Windows Software will be discontinued?

Thank you very much
Posted Thursday, January 19, 2017 - Post #37632
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All licenses of GenoPro 2016 are perpetual (lifetime).   With GenoProX, we will offer both choices: yearly and perpetual.

The benefit of the GenoProX yearly licenses is a lower upfront cost (we are aiming at $1 per month per user), and also provide the user access to our collaboration network.  GenoProX will have a built-in collaboration module where multiple users may simultaneously edit the same family tree (or genogram), similar as Google Docs.  All communication is encrypted and we have no plans to include publicity or sell any data to anyone.  Therefore we must income to pay for the bandwidth, storage and CPU processing.  We believe $1 per month is a sustainable business model.  Also, if someone is a VIP customer of GenoProX for several years, we will give him/her a perpetual license and a discount on future subscriptions on our collaboration network, perhaps $0.50 per months instead of $1 per month.  Of course, these prices may change in the future, however this is what we are aiming for.

When GenoProX will be available, you will still be able to continue using GenoPro 2016 for as long as you wish.  We hope people will find superior value in GenoProX and start using it instead of GenoPro 2016.  Also, whatever amount you spend on GenoPro 2016 (in your case $599) will be credited towards GenoProX.  You will have the option to use your balance on GenoProX for different options which suits your needs.

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