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How to geocode a location with varying political boundaries

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Posted Wednesday, August 09, 2017 - Post #38268
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How do I geocode/input a village, town, etc that has had varying political boundaries?

For example, with one village on an island:
  • until the ~1566, it was controlled by the Genoese
  • until ~1912, by the Ottoman Empire
  • from 1912 until now, by Greece, initially as an independent municipality, reporting to a "province"
  • from ~1990, consolidated with ~10 other municipalities, into one of 5-10 "regions", reporting to a "province"
  • from the ~2000s, all villages/towns in all regions reported directly to the "province"
I set up a hierarchy of locations .. countries, provinces/states under countries, cities/towns/villages under provinces ...

For one village, what's the best way to implement this?  If I set up 5 "different" villages for one village, I'm quickly going to run into a problem since there are 60 villages on this one island ... plus all the locations would pile up on one another, or does that not matter as much?

I think this is a problem in the US as well, as the boundaries of counties changed over time due to population growth, gerrymandering, etc.

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