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Genomap confusion

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Author 2 sets of genomap numbers
Posted Wednesday, February 14, 2018 - Post #38548
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Hello, I feel very confused. I started with Genomap in 2014 and did some work. I then, recently, upgraded to Genomap 2016.
I have 2 sets of Genomaps and cannot easily find which one to work on. The "File" drop down list of "maps" does not correspond with the "maps" listed at the page bottom and there are not enough of my "maps" on the list. I am so muddled and frustrated I don't see how I can continue as it takes me so long to identify the map I wish to work on.
Some very basic explanation and guidance would be appreciated.
Thank you
Posted Friday, February 16, 2018 - Post #38551
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Yes you do appear to be confused and so I will attempt a basic explanation.

The list at the bottom of the 'File' menu item in GenoPro is a list of recently opened GenoPro files or documents, not GenoMaps.  Each file or document can contain one or more GenoMaps. 

When you open a GenoPro document, or file, then the GenoMaps it contains are shown as tabs along the bottom of the page. You may insert extra GenoMaps into a file or delete existing ones.

This is similar, for example, spreadsheet documents, where each document or file can contain one or more worksheets.

As I said the list under 'File' is just a list of files you have opened recently. The files, or documents that are actually open are shown under the 'Window' menu item.  GenoPro is capable of having several files open at one time, each with their own window.

I think it is a good idea to use separate GenoMaps within the same document to break your tree down into manageable chunks, say with 50-100 individuals per GenoMap with 'hyperlinks' joining the GenoMaps together. This in my opinion makes printing and viewing more simple.

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