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Posted Sunday, March 11, 2018 - Post #38605
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My search of the forum didn't produce any results for this, but if there's already a thread and I just didn't use the right search terms, please feel free to just link me there. Smile

I have a pretty good-sized family tree to enter/set up, with accompanying documents/sources, photos, etc.  That's a lot of interlinked pieces and I don't know the best way to start.  Does anyone have a recommended process/workflow to make this most efficient or least prone to errors and omissions?

For instance, I don't know if I should enter all my sources first, then all my locations, and then come back and build the tree...or if I should build the tree one individual at a time, adding all the relevant sources, etc. as needed, or what.  If I'm adding locations, should I add everything, from the top down (e.g.: USA, Virginia, individual Virginia towns, individual addresses)?  I'm sure there are some power users here who have an established process!

And a related question: how do you organize and identify the referenced documents?  What I mean is, if I, for instance, reference my own birth certificate as a source, is there a way to attach the digital copy of it, and/or how would you organize/link to the digital version or make note of where the paper version is?  I'm not sure if I'm coherently articulating this last question.  I guess what I'm asking is how do you integrate your actual source records with your source notations in GenoPro?
Posted Tuesday, March 13, 2018 - Post #38616
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These are great questions.  GenoProX has a built-in "todo" list.  Perhaps this feature will help.

The truth is I am not a genealogist: I am a software developer.  I use GenoPro for making small family trees and genograms, however cannot give you my personal tips (I don't have any) how to organize the making of a large family tree.

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