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Pictures relative path

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Author Not recording image sub-dir from .gno - going back to root of system & then rebuilds path - Updated - Fixed itself!
Posted Wednesday, March 21, 2018 - Post #38632
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*** UPDATED *** - see below original post

First off, sorry if this has been covered a hundred times but I can't find anything searching the forums.

I'm using GenoPro 2016 - V on linux via Wine - works a treat.

The full path to the .gno is '/data/data/Tree' with the pictures stored in '/data/data/Tree/images'

My issue is when adding pictures it doesn't store the relative path as 'images\picname.jpg' or '.\images\picname.jpg' but rather '..\..\..\data\data\Tree\images\picname.jpg' - this is not going to work if I pick up & move the .gno & images folder.

Is there a way to stop it recording the extended relative path other than editing it as I enter each new picture?

Thanks for any help you can give.



OK - this has fixed itself!! After entering and editing the relative path for approx 20 pictures, it reverted to the correct path (ie 'images\picname.jpg'). This happened mid-session - no idea why or how.

For anyone interested this all started by me being given multiple .ged's exported from I imported them into multiple .gno's and then cut & paste them into a single .gno. This is where I noticed the relative path issue.

I've since powered my PC numerous times & am still getting the correct relative path so I'm happy but damn confused.

Edited: Friday, March 30, 2018 by lucky666

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