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Adopted out/Given up for adoption

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Author How to indicate relative "lost" by adoption
Posted Thursday, April 26, 2018 - Post #38723
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I see enough about how to indicate when a family is enlarged by adoption, that if that were the case, I could put that in, but my concern is: How do you show that a family "lost" a member when someone was given up for adoption? I couldn't find anything in "Help" or even in these support topics.
Posted Friday, April 27, 2018 - Post #38725
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The problem you have identified shows the difference between the studies of Family History and Genealogy. The latter deals with facts and an adopted child does have biological parents.
GenoPro shows genealogical connections but the in-built flexibility can be used , partly, to express the situation.
Points to consider is that from a family view the 'lost' child is dead and so you could use the date of adoption as date of death - obviously with comments to explain.
Comments could also be added to the birth record.
Another option would be to open the Display tab of the Individual Properties and set the Gender Symbol to the same colour as the background, so the display will show a link (which you could hide in the same way) but apparently nobody there. If a name had been chosen this can also be hidden by hiding Bottom Label
If you want to show the adoption parents of the child then select the hidden icon and press key H which will create a copy (shown as 4 blue blocks, as the icon is invisible) and move where you want it
Press return to open properties and change the display to be visible
Other options include the use of colour to highlight the 'lost' child and also placing a label next to the adoption. At present GenoPro does not link labels to individuals, so moving that individual does not move a label
This problem is being addressed in GenoProX but probably the adoption issue has not been considered in this way

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