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Create a Pedigree Chart in a Genomap?

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Posted Thursday, September 27, 2018 - Post #38951
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Is there  way to generate a Pedigree Chart for an individual, and post it in  separate genomap? Including all hyperlinks?

Or to create a Template for a 5 or 6 generation pedigree chart? And then hyperlink individuals into their appropriate positions?

Is there a way to display Ahnentafel numbers other than making labels?

Just exploring options before I start the brute force method of creating a template?

Right now, I have input a subset of my tree into another program for those that I have DNA tested. It also spits out Pedigree Charts, but no Ahnentafel numbers, nor a special code I want to add to each ancestors.

Then I come back to Genopro and run the kinship calculator to see how various people are connected.  I've been circling the ancestral cpls on paper, but it quickly gets messy.

Say I test John and Nancy, and they are 2nd and 3rd cousins... connected through Great Grandparents A and Great Great Grandparents B.  I'd like to circle both of John's ancestral couples and draw a line to a picture of their kinship report and then a line to Nancy.

I tried this on paper for my aunt and 6 or 7 other cousins, and it quickly got out of hand with 7 or 8 pedigree charts and 15-20 kinship reports.  I'd like to be able to put everything on one big print out.

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