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Recommended License for Remote Server

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Author Need recommendation on license to purchase for users who remote into a server.
Posted Wednesday, October 31, 2018 - Post #39049
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Our organization is trying to have GenoPro installed on our remote server, where our therapists do most of their work. The workflow is such that the end users will run the application on the remote server under their own Windows profiles.

Do we need to obtain a license for each end user (in total, about 5 users) or do we only need one license to get the program installed on the server?

Thank you in advance,

Posted Tuesday, November 6, 2018 - Post #39062
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GenoPro licenses are per user licenses.  Generally speaking a user is a person on one computer at a time.  So if the computer is shared by multiple people, yet only one can use it at a time, then it's one User license (a home computer for example).  However the environment being described here is a Server that offers Remote Desktop, in which multiple users are using such server concurrently.  For all practical purposes, that one server is acting like it was multiple workstations, so in short, you should buy one user license per user.  Please do note that buying GenoPro user licenses gets lower per user license in bulk.  For Example a 5 user license is only $169.00 coming out at $33.8 per user, rather than the $49 standard price.

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