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Hyperlink troubles

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Author Genomap does not connect mates
Posted Thursday, December 27, 2018 - Post #39134
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Pete & Jenny are married. I have a genomap for each oftheir families, and another for them and their descendants. I wish to show bothof them (as mates) on all three genomaps. 

I have checked the 'Make Label /Exclude From Report' box in the Family tab of both of them on all 3 genomaps;yet still, when I try to connect them as mates on one of the genomaps, it doesnot work; it just switches over to one of the other genomaps. I've evenselected "no Action" under the hyperlinks tab. 

Is there a way to dothis? (Hereis the file. It is Peter & Jenny Burfiend, in the Carsten & Eliz.Burfiend genomap; and in the Pete & Jenny Burfiend genomap; and in theGoffar genomap.)

Posted Friday, December 28, 2018 - Post #39135
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I have looked at your file and a modified version is attached which I believe works OK. I have turned the hyperlink actions back to automatic and removed the 'make label' restrictions from the individuals - if you wish to restrict multiple listings in the reports then you should 'make label' on all but one of the family lines (not the individuals).

Port Oneida Pet Burf MODIFIED.gno (7 views, 85.72 KB)

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