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GenoPro 2019 future releases

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Posted Wednesday, July 31, 2019 - Post #40015
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I would like to buy a registration key for GenoPro 2019, but I've read an alarming post that said something in the lines of "GenoPro will not receive any new features because all the development will move towards GenoProX". Why should I buy it if I won't get any new update then?

I also cannot find much information about GenoProX. I personally don't like the subscription method, although I see that there is also a payout option with a (hopefully) unlimited license. But the most important question is: is GenoProX completely offline? Does it require internet access for use?

I would like to get more information about this piece of software but I'm also concerned about the future of GenoPro 2019

Posted Wednesday, August 7, 2019 - Post #40026
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Our goal is to have GenoProX completely replace GenoPro 2019.  In other words, GenoProX should do everything better than GenoPro 2019.

This is why we are not working on two products because it will slow down the development of GenoProX which is already behind schedule.  Besides, the reason we are writing GenoProX from scratch is precisely because the C++ code of GenoPro 2019 is 22 years old and needs a facelift. Trying to patch code which is 22 years old to add complex features, such as a real-time collaboration module (similar as Google Docs) is almost impossible.

When you buy GenoPro 2019, you get a credit of the same amount towards GenoProX.  For instance, if you purchase a single user license of GenoPro 2019 at $49, then you will have a credit of $49 towards GenoProX.  Since all licenses of GenoPro 2019 are permanent, you will always be able to use GenoPro 2019, even when GenoProX is available.  We are not adding features to GenoPro 2019, however we will continue to patch it to ensure it runs on all OSes for the next decades.  The first release of GenoPro in 1998 still run on Windows 10, so it is likely GenoPro 2019 will run for many decades on newer versions of Windows to be released.  If not, we will fix GenoPro 2019 to make sure it continues to run smoothly on Windows.

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