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Hyperlinks in a complex family tree

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Posted Saturday, June 6, 2020 - Post #40548
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Hi folks,

I've been using GenoPro since 2004, and just never bothered to use the old Alias feature or the new Hyperlink feature. Now, though, my family tree extends over 400 years with >2000 people, across 7 GenoMaps due to the complexity.

I'm running into a few issues. Due to a bunch of second- and third-cousin marriages, there are decently sized portions of the family tree, as well as individuals, that show up multiple times, both in the same GenoMap and in different GenoMaps. I personally show up 11 times, and two distinct "blocks" of people show up multiple times each.

Is there an easy way to select an entire branch of people - meaning individuals and all their respective family lines - and make a ton of hyperlinks all at once? Otherwise, I'd have to manually go in across an absurd amount of space and make a crapton of hyperlinks, then manually re-create family lines and relationships, then go to the Family Properties window and click that box for "Exclude from Report" for all the duplicates.


Comprehensive Family Tree.gno (34 views, 87.50 KB)
Posted Thursday, October 22, 2020 - Post #40863
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I am using version after many years of frutiful usage, but (maybe silly) till now was interested more in the tree drawing itself than in the impotance of stored personal information for each individual; that's the reason why I never bothered of hyperlinks. As my genotree has grown considerably, however, and had the necessity to split it into several GenoMaps, now I am in difficulty from two points of view: firstly, I now feel the urgent necessity of creating hyperlinks concerning the same individuals present in more than one GenoMap, secondly, I feel the necessity to avoid the replication of the same personal information stored for the same individual in different GenoMaps.

After reading the Help pages about hyperlinks, I experienced some difficulty in working out the process. If I right-click one single individual the option 'New Hyperlink(H)' is active, but it results in a hyperlinked duplication of that individual, already preent in the other GenoMap. As a result, I have to carry out the boring process of reconstructing his/her family relationships to the other family members

On the other hand, I have read somewhere that it is possible to 'move' an entire family (e.g. husband, wife, their children and descendants) to another GenoMap and they are automatically hyperlinked. I tried this, but found some 'operational' difficulty: if I do that the 'New Hyperlink' possiblity is active no more, whereas the 'Move to the GenoMap' option is offered only. If I move that family as a whole to the other GenoMap I can re-create the filial relationship, but not the marriage relationship between husband and wife.

I understand it is likely I made some operational mistakes during the process, but cannot understand where the fault is, maybe because English is not my native language. I wonder, therefore, whether the Support team can help me with some insights and detailed instruction about the steps of the process. 

Thanks a lot in advance.

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