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Printing a large wall chart using letter size page tiles

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Posted Saturday, July 23, 2022 - Post #42334
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Having a hard time telling if this is a viable company and will continue to be viable in the future.  If anyone sees this and can direct me to anybody that knows Genopro, please send a message to pdecathe@gmail. com

I want to create a wall size chart with a regular inkjet office letter size printer.  I have 1600 dna relatives and 10 generations of every branch.  I use Wikitree and family search, 23andme and gedcom, geni. I want to show all siblings and descendants pf each generation so I can see a visual to help me decide what and where to research next.  For example, i see a new dna relative.  How does that fourth cousin living in Norway fit into my family tree, I wonder.  The 23andme chart was very useful but is limited to 250 people so that won't work.  I could start from scratch with openoffice draw as one option.  I can cut, paste, and scotch tape mini trees to my office wall.  So, my question is: Is Genopro the way to go or there any other alternatives I should also look at??

Pete in Minnesota

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Posted Monday, July 25, 2022 - Post #42337
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GenoPro has been around for some 20 years and so in that sense it is a viable company.  How long it will around for in the future is anybody's guess but the author is developing a new version, albeit very very slowly Doze,  called GenoProX which shows commitment.

GenoPro's 'Print Layout' option should make it easy to arrange the page tiles of your wall chart to your requirements.  Suggest you import your data froma Gedcom export.  You have to manually arrange the tree diagram but its Partial Auto-arrange can be used to good effect.

When ready choose your printer with File / Printer Setup.. option and then go to the File / Print Layout... view and choose how many horizontal and vertical pages you would like.  You can select branches of your tree and move them around for the best fit onto your letter size page tiles.

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Posted Monday, July 25, 2022 - Post #42338
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Can you post a screenshot of the chart from 23andMe with the 250-person limit?

I've used FTDNA and MyHeritage, but not 23andMe so far.

The Kinship Calculator and Descendent Reports in GenoPro are very helpful, but if you have 10 generations of ancestors and want to produce wall charts for each set of GGx Grandparents it's going to be a lot of work to create and maintain in the current state of things, and you'll need to use some work arounds to duplicate families on each genomap they need to appear on.

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