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Data corruption of custom tag information when copying from one .gno...

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Posted Monday, February 11, 2019 - Post #39247
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I've been struggling with a problem that has hindered a project I am presently working on to merge .gno files.

I have discovered that when I copy a genogram from one .gno to another then custom tag data from the source objects get duplicated into different tags in the target file.

e.g. Take an example a.gno (see attached) with Individual custom tags tagA1, TagA2 & tagA3

Then copy the contents of a genogram with different Individual custom tags tagB1, tagB2 & tagB3 from another b.gno (also attached)

we end up with the inserted Individuals having tag contents from tagB1/2/3 duplicated into the custom tags tagA1/2/3 !

After a lot of head scratching I found a work around to avoid this.  Before copying b to a, copy an Individual from a to b, thus copying custom tag definitions of a to b. You can then delete (not undo)  the individual from b leaving the custom tags definitions in place.  
Then when you copy from b to a no duplication occurs.

This duplication can occur with any object type, Family, Place, Source etc. so it is necessary to apply the above work around to all object types involved in the desired copy process.

This is tedious so would be nice to have a proper fix in GenoPro for this.

I have now created a .gno that has every GenoPro object type within it (see work around.gno attached).
This can be used as the work around by copying it into the target .gno then copying it from the target to the source .gno . This action 'sucks up' all custom tag definitions and adds them to source so no content duplication occurs when copying objects from source to target.   Should be carried out using a 'throw away' copy of the source as the custom tag definitions will otherwise persist there. 

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a.gno (16 views, 1.00 KB)
b.gno (11 views, 994 bytes)
work around.gno (12 views, 1.78 KB)


Edited: Monday, February 11, 2019 by genome

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