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Updates to Report Skin Templates since GenoPro 2020 version

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Author Updated 2023.03.23 new features
Posted Tuesday, July 7, 2020 - Post #40608
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Attached to this post is a zipped copy all Report Skin Templates with all updates made since the release of GenoPro 2020 version 

Scripts for all reports are now held in the Common\Code folder.  This approach allows the various translations of some skins to invoke the same scripts rather than their own, possibly outdated, copy.  

In order to 'trick'  GenoPro into using this Code folder each skin folder has a dummy Code folder containing a single file placeholder.txt (needed as I believe the GenoPro installer is not happy with empty folders).  The skins have a 'bootstrap' .vbs/VBScript or .js/JScript  file that runs first in Config.xml and on the first run of that skin the script replaces the dummy Code folder with a Junction (aka Reparse Point) linking to the Common\Code folder.  The skin then runs normally. 

Messages relating to this 'bootstrap process are held in folder Common\Boot in files ConfigMsgXX.xml, where XX is language code. 

Translations of configuration messages are held in the skin folder as ConfigMsgLocal.xml or in some cases Config.xml.  These messages will replace the base English messages held in Common\Code\reportname\ConfigMsgBase.xml

I have reformatted some of the translated Dictionary.xml files via my ReformatXML utility (see App Launcher skin) to allow easier side by side comparison and editing against the English version (e.g.using WinMerge) .  I have  attempted translations to some of the Dictionary.xml files where messages were missing.

I recommend that you create a new GenoPro Report Skins folder and download and unzip the attached file into that folder.  You can then direct GenoPro to use this new folder as the Report Skins location via the Options tab of the Tools/Generate Report dialogue.

This will allow simple regression to previous versions of the skins should you deem it necessary, i.e. if I've got something wrong!

'lego audio video erro ergo disco' or "I read, I listen, I watch, I make mistakes, therefore I learn" (38 views, 3.86 MB) (6 views, 3.85 MB)


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Posted 15 hours ago - Post #42935
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You will find zip file of updated skins attached to the first post in this thread. The previous version has been left in case the latest version has errors and you need to regress 

2023.03.23 - New Features

  1. New 'Layout' mode added to Narrative Report via 'Presentation' Configuration Parameters that affects the placement of the 'Popup' frame in relation to the 'Detail' frame. This an be set to Portrait, Landscape or Auto.  In Portrait mode it remains as is with the Popup frame opening below the Detail frame. In Landscape mode the Popup frame opens to the right of the Detail frame, making better use of screen estate. In Auto mode the the layout mode is selected when the report is opened or Home page is displayed, by comparing the screen width with its height.  e.g. smartphones and tablets held in landscape orientation will display report in Landscape mode.

  2. A 'Full Screen request ' button has been added to the left of the heading to remove browser tabs etc. This improves appearance on smartphones etc  e.g.

  3.  New option to reduce heading depth by having banner in line with menu icons/labels, either with the report title within the banner or with title at the top of the homepage.

  4.  Zoom controls on SVG genomaps have been replaced with a single icon to 'zoom to extent' i.e. display full SVG image.

  5. The Auto show genomap feature added in the previous release has been extended to work with Families as well as Individuals.
See to see an example report.

2023.02.23 - Two new features:
1. Option to automatically display genomap in the popup frame when an individual's page displayed.
    This appears under the Presentation tab of the Parameter Settings dialogue as 

         'Auto show genomap for individual?'

    For the benefit of translators the entry is at line 230 of Common\Code\NarrativeReport\ConfigMsgBase.xml :
                        Desc="Show genomap in popup frame when indivual page displayed."
                        T="Auto show genomap for individual?"
                        V="2023.02.23+" />

2. Provide linkage between two different Narrative Reports via Individual External 'Hyperlink' of the form : e.g.

     other_family_tree.gno?id=ind00045  {Substitute your .gno filename and the ID of the Individual being linked to.)
     The reports must be in parallel folders with the same name as the .gno filename (but without the .gno extension)
     So now 'external hyperlinks' can work both between .gno files on your PC and between Narrative Reports generated from them.

2022.06.28 - updates as a result of HarryCaper's feedback, see

- also fix for wrong reporting of adopted children as stepchildren see

- and issues with Descendants Report when .gno has 'Source' custom tags

Some other tweaks such as removing the list of places in places.htm.  The place index now links places directly to that place's page rather than to its position in the potentially long list of every place details.

2022.03.07 - update to linkcode.js used in 1st run bootstrap for each skin.  Changed to use Windows built-in mklink.exe instead of SysInternals junction.exe utility. See also

2021.10.24 - update to {EN} XML Toolkit report skin. See also

2021.09.30 - update to Export to Gedcom to fix issue when exporting large files reported by albertsali here

2021.09.28 - another update to the Skin Templates bundle - see attachment to 1st post in this thread

Improvements to my GenoTab report skin to include more pictures and also source/citation details.
Changes to 'Export to Gedcom' template to remove requirement for ADODB package.

2021.04.04 - zip file Skins2021.03.20 updated in 1st post of this thread to remove extraneous files and to put skin folders in root of zip rather than under sub-folder 'Skins 2020 upload'

2021.03.20 - update to the Report Skin Templates bundle - see attachment to 1st post in this thread

Fix some bugs in the Narrative Report: e.g. Pictures not displayed correctly when clicked, slideshow issue, superfluous close icon removed from picture.htm and issue with multilingual phrases 

Polish Narrative Report added to bundle.

Nand's NL-BE updates applied

previous updates

Fixs a number of issues with the switch to Leaflet & OpenStreetMap for mapping. Note that there are a number of missing tiles in the Stamen terrain maps leaving blank areas on the map. This issue is out of mycontrol.

Also a couple of tweaks to Kinships Calculator but I am still not happy with InLaw and step relations.

Removal of Google Maps (thanks Google for messing this up for everyone).

Instead I am using the Leaflet javascript library with map tiles from OpenStreetMap and Stamen. see for more info. 

I have attempted to update all ConfigMsgLocal.xml and Dictionary.xml files to remove references to Google Maps.  I am now calling them location maps instead.

There are couple of small fixes as well that have been mentioned in forumposts since my last update.

However the Kinship Calculator still has issues that as yet I have been unable to resolve and so remains unchanged Sad for the time being.  I continue to look for a solution.

Update to fix issue preventing Export to Gedcom skin from working (version 2020.11.07 )

Update 2020-08 to NL-BE skin translations provided by Nand

correction to ParameterSettings.hta to prevent error when incorrect cover image filename initially specified.

Fixes for the PDF 'book' output using wkhtmltopdf.exe.  N.B. you need to specify 'book' style output under the Printing tab as well as settings under the  PDF Conversion tab.  Also PDF conversion can be very very slow!

Further improvements to Custom Markup (see also How to Customise your Report and Wink

Correction made to Open Office template used for Descendants Report.
Custom Markup for the Narrative Report has been revamped.  Details have now been added to the post How to Customise your Report. I took some ideas from a blog by Peter Theony for my GenoTab project some years ago.  I have now applied the concept to produce a recursive Custom Markup parser for GenoPro 2020 so now markup tags can be nested to produce complex results.  I have also give the markup tags single letter short forms e.g. s for subsection,h for html, v for video/movie etc. Also some new tags e.g. c or container for a collapsible section like subsection but more flexible, a g tag for a grid or table. I will work on the documentation for this over the coming days/weeks. Unsure BigGrin

Secondly the Descendants Report now has bookmarks and hyperlinks allowing the reader to navigate up and down the file when viewing online.

Version 2020.08.11 has fix for gnolib.js not merging Parameter Settings from ConfigMsgLocal.xml for translated skins as reported by albertsali

Also change to allow variation in number number of popular names and places listed on Home page.  This is achieved via new tags PopularNames and PopularPlaces under Names tab of Paramter Setting dialogue ,  ie. from ConfigMsgBase.xml 

Also removed spaces from download filename to prevent Mozilla FireFox issue. 

'lego audio video erro ergo disco' or "I read, I listen, I watch, I make mistakes, therefore I learn"

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