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Replacement of Google Maps in the Narrative Report

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Author a switch to open source mapping using Leaflet with OpenStreetMap & map tiles
Posted Thursday, December 10, 2020 - Post #40986
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I have become increasing annoyed with the way Google changed its policy a few years back regarding the use of the Google Maps javascript API, forcing anyone who wanted to use it in their projects to give Google their credit card details first, even if their usage was below their free limit.  The Google Cloud platform and Developer's Console were not for the fainted-hearted or in-experienced with the site being a confusing minefield.  It was also difficult to mitigate the risk of unexpected charges from Google by protecting your API key from misuse and to limit usage.

I for one have therefore decided to delete my Google Cloud & API project account to remove this uncertainty from my life.

Over the past week I have been looking into alternatives and can now announce a replacement using the popular LeafletJs javascript library using OpenStreetMap tiles and also two sets of tiles from Stamen. You can choose the initial layer used from these three but the others can be displayed instead via a layer control in the top right corner of the map.

I have attached a zipped Common folder and to try it I suggest you rename your existing Common folder to allow reversion and download and unzip the attached into your GenoPro Report templates folder.

Example images. 


OpenStreetMap with Stamen 'Terrain' tiles.

OpenStreetMap with Stamen WaterColor and Toner-Labels

'lego audio video erro ergo disco' or "I read, I listen, I watch, I make mistakes, therefore I learn" (19 views, 2.41 MB)
Posted Friday, December 11, 2020 - Post #40988
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Awesome!!!  Thank you so much Genome!!! w00t

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