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Seeking info on Carwile family in Montana (?)

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Author regarding an engraved walking stick presented to Nat G Carwile on May 7 1904...
Posted Thursday, July 13, 2006 - Post #11888
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A dear friend passed away last year, and among his effects is a walking stick or swagger stick. It is black wood with a heavy silver (?) engraved head on top. It is elaborately carved. The inscription on the head reads:

Presented to

Nat G Carwile

By Visiting Eagles

May 7 1904

Even with all that detail I have been unable to turn up anything more than Nat G Carwile lived in Billings Montana in the 1900s and was a senior partner at Carwile and Bouton. The local paper ends at 1902.

I assume 'Visiting Eagles' was an Indian tribe of some sort, although it could be a fraternal organization; during the course of Googling I discovered the Eagles are an old fraternal organization along the lines of the Masons. Oh yeah, I think Nat G Carwile was a Mason as well. I doubt they've got an extensive search engine in their records however.

Any assistance anyone can provide in tracking down the history of this item would be immensely appreciated. This item is likely the only thing in his estate with any significant value, so we are greatly interested in determining its history.


chris cogburn

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