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Author My genoogram is missing from my websie
Posted Sunday, December 28, 2008 - Post #23301
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Why has my wensite tree disappeared?  This is the main reason for doing the tree online - to have a tree people can see.  Most people do not have and do not want genopro (yes, stupid I know) so it is no good them clicking on the tree in the introduction.  Up til now you could click on the tree symbol and then click on the thing called genomap1 and see a version of the tree.  I tink it was called svg or something.  It has vanished.  Where has it gone?  I cannot show people my tree any more.
Posted Monday, December 29, 2008 - Post #23303
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There is something odd going on here. I have just checked one of my trees which loads the .svg diagram as normal. However another of my sites throws up a message :-
"You need a SVG viewer to display this family tree and the Adobe SVG Viewer is not installed. To install it click "OK" and follow the instructions. You can then return to this page to display the family tree. Do you wish to install the Adobe SVG Viewer now?" However I have the viewer, otherwise I could not view the first site.

It is possible that the site causing problems was created with an older version of the skin but the other difference I noted was that the display was labeled GenoMap2 whereas I normally use a specific name for each display.

I suggest that you check you have the latest version of the report skin and then label the Display (eg Family) and republish. If that does not work hopefully the cause will be sorted elsewhere. Happy New Year

Have just created a new report with no named displays and there are no problems. So just check to see if the problem has disappeared and if still there try re-creating the report

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Posted Tuesday, December 30, 2008 - Post #23309
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boydgray26 (12/28/2008)
Why has my website tree disappeared? 

I have investigated this and found that it has not disappeared, it just that it is not being displayed properly by the Adobe SVG viewer. It does display when viewed with the Firefox browser.

However there are two complications. Firstly I found a bug in that the SVG zoom buttons are missing when no PDF version of the GenoMaps are present. This has been fixed in a revised skin available here. I am guessing that you do not have Inkscape installed on your PC and so PDF genomaps were not generated.

The second complication is that you have a large shallow and wide tree that the Adobe viewer has problems rendering and is too large for Firefox to zoom and pan efficiently. I also found that Inkscape was unable to convert SVG images of this tree to PDF again because of its size. So as recommended elsewhere in this forum I strongly suggest that you split your tree into five or more genomaps within your .gno file. Generally around 250 individuals per genomap seems to be OK. With the layout you have adopted this will be very straight forward, simply divide into vertical sections and move each section to a new genomap and then make a few minor adjustments.

If you download and install the Inkscape open source program then you will be able to generate a report with PDF and/or SVG images of your subtrees. I did a quick test with your tree split into five sections and all was OK with both SVG and PDF images. PDF images are somewhat easier to pan and zoom and most people will have a version of Adobe Acrobat viewer on their PC.

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