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GNO files & compatability with Office programmes

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Author Using GNO files
Posted Friday, December 6, 2013 - Post #32804
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Currently I am trialling use of the software on behalf of my organisation.

When I have completed a fictitous Genopro map, I have saved this to my local network and tried to then open the programme outside of Genopro, to trial upload to our service case management system, which is how my organisation would like to use the software to add Genopro output onto our clients records.

However there appears an issue with GNO file that is produced in that if I try to then open the file it wont allow me to open with an office compatible programme, ie Word, Excel or Notepad.

I have tried to convert the file at file save as process to a pdf file but with no joy. Please cna you advise as to what programmes have compatability with the GNO file and or what other organisations have done as a workaround.

Kind regards


Posted Friday, December 6, 2013 - Post #32805
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GenoPro, like all other programs of this type, had its own file structure. If you want to display the information on screen then you need to convert it to a graphic that Word, or similar program, can import.
The file/export includes the option of creating a MetaFile (.emf) which Word can import. Alternatives are to print a pdf using a program such as Cutepdf or Novapdf. This can be effective for a small Genogram but a larger diagram can be difficult to see.
If you want to show information behind the display then other options are needed. You can export a view of the table as a spreadsheet, or rather copy and paste into a spreadsheet

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