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James Ferdinand Prince MS 1851-1901 AR

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Posted Friday, January 23, 2015 - Post #34560
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The above is my great grandfather.  For six years I have searched for the family info of his father William Prince.  Info on William is very sketchy.   His only census he is listed on is 1860 Independence Co, AR in which his birth is listed as 1813. DNA matches seem to point to his being born in NC and related through the Edward Prince line.  He and his wife Martha Lamberson Prince according to ancestry but without documentation shows they were married in TN where their 1st three children were born (William Prince, Marey A Prince, Virginia Prince.  They then move to MS and usually follow Martha's LAMBERSON family which points to Tippah Co, MS but many records were destroyed.  In MS Sarah "Sally" and James Ferdinand plus one other sibling are born.  They move to Independence Co, AR were the last two children are born which are John Thomas Prince and Melinda Tennessee "Babe" Prince.  By the 1870 census William and Martha are dead with no info on any direct family's trees.  In the coming years not only does no one know about William but different children listed on various censuses give his birth as SC, NC, and GA.  I have checked an unbelievable amount of clues over the past 6 years including the NC Bastardy Reports.  Many Prince families have Williams but none born in this year.  I have been told that most likely if he was illegitimate  he was born to a Prince female and raised with her maiden name.  The other secretive thing could be his having been in trouble with the law.  All the info I have found on the Prince's were that they were devout Christians and their family produced quite a few preachers.  Does anyone have any other ideas whatsoever.  I have even research the church angle for local histories of churches.  No luck.  Thank you, Lisa 

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