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importing of form filling

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Author an export and import of family info form
Posted Saturday, January 16, 2016 - Post #36523
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hello, new to this forum!

there may be a way to do this already but i am not sure.  please let me know if there is and if not i would like to add to wish list.

i would like to be be able to export a form to a family leader or member, i.e. my cousin and have them fill out the info in their family.....spouse info, marriage, children etc. and have it sent back to me and be able to import it without the need to fill all the information by hand.


Posted Sunday, January 17, 2016 - Post #36524
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This is one of the things that GenoProX is designed to do.
At present you can export information from the table into a spreadsheet format but the reverse does not work as there are many internal links which are needed.
If you want to do this now one option is to export a gedcom, from the Report Generator. Then your family can edit this using a (free) program such as Legacy8 and return the data.
Possible but not simple

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