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Problem spotter false positives

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Author use common-sense comparisons, not string comparisons
Posted Sunday, March 12, 2017 - Post #37729
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I've just got the 2016 update and am trying problem spotter.  It has found a number of genuine problems, but also some false positives that are based on literal (string) comparisons rather than common sense.

"Children having the same date of birth should be twins"  - only if at least the month and year are identical.
Eg. af family has two children as of May 1917, but their age is not known. So date-of-birth for both is <05-1917   and should not be reported as twins.

"Same sex parents with 1 biological child"  - not if the sex of both parents is unknown. E.g. a newspaper obituary says the deceased has one grandson. Since we don't know so far if it's a son's son or daughter's son, both parents have to be set as unknown.

"The individual is overlapping with another individual" - not if there are no details at all - eg. we know the person has 3 children, and that's all we know.

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Posted Tuesday, March 14, 2017 - Post #37736
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Thank you for your feedback.  Can you please send by email a sample .gno file so I have a test case to make sure I fix those issues.  Thanks.
Posted Wednesday, March 15, 2017 - Post #37742
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I've been away from the site and my own genealogy work for a while due to other demands on my time, and I'm just getting back to things today. This post reminds me of another set of issues I have had with the Problem Spotter (which is generally a wonderful aid to fixing my trees, and I'm sure I'd be lost without it at this point) and with GenoPro more generally.

Re: people with unknown exact dates: Being able to specify an approximate birth or death date as "before" or "after" a date (perhaps using the < and > symbols respectively) would be very helpful, as mentioned in the original post. EDIT: Turns out you can do this... this is enormously useful to me right now, as I'm trying to untangle a *massive* genogram with *enormous* horizontal lines and a lot of people with no known dates except as inferred from the dates of their parents, children, and siblings. I want to minimize the lengths of family lines when possible (I assume this is already considered in the AutoArrange algorithm, as it seems relevant to making the genogram clearly legible), and I also want to leave enough vertical space between generations to negate all overlap of vertical lines when shortening them is not possible. Just a few thoughts that have occurred to me in the process... apparently, the way to build an algorithm for AutoArrange is to manually untangle a genogram of over 10,000 individuals and document the processes. I really wish there were an easier way... for my sake. BigGrin

Re: Overlaps (both individuals and families)... and Problem Spotter errors more generally: Having the X and Y co-ordinates of the problem entity displayed in the Problem Spotter list would be immensely helpful. Also, "display order of children does not match date of birth" problems do not always select the correct individual. A better option would be to have the problem reference the family object in question... and, ideally, select all children of that family when the relevant entry in the Problem Spotter list is selected.

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