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Selecting multiple problems at once

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Author Thoughts on improvements for the Problem Spotter
Posted Friday, April 21, 2017 - Post #37867
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Since upgrading to the 2016 version, I have been working through my English and Icelandic genograms, eliminating problems picked up by the Problem Spotter. This has been a slow and painful process. Something that occurred to me a few minutes ago, while trying to untangle all of the "child above family line" problems I have in the Icelandic genogram, is that it would be very nice to be able to select multiple problem objects at a time.For purposes of fixing the "child above family line" issues in bulk, I would like to be able to select all problem individuals (there are about 30), select their direct descendants, select the mates of the existing selection, then move all of those individuals and connected family lines down until all children are below their respective family lines. It would be messy, and would likely create other problems along the way (most notably overlaps), but it would be far faster than trying to correct them all individually as I'm doing now, which involves moving multiple branches of the tree repeatedly.

Something else that occurred while I was attempting this is that having the object grid co-ordinates displayed in the Problem Spotter table would be very useful; I may have mentioned this before. Having the co-ordinates of an object displayed when it is selected is nice, but it wouldn't help me select multiple objects at a time based on their grid position; I would have to select each object, make a note of its position, then work from this list to assemble the selection, which is two steps more than it should take.

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