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Author Purchasing GenoPro
Posted Saturday, September 1, 2018 - Post #38892
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I have been using this software since kid. Less than decade ago when I was 13, I made my first family tree using cracked version of the program. Since then I haven't developed the tree  more than what was then.
I used a few times trial version but that was. I'm planning expanding it so I want to buy the program and support the cause of the program. I really like that it has my language - Bulgarian and that makes me 
even more enthusiastic about the program and the desire to support it. As I see there is even GenoProX version, which I still cant understand whats it about, but im sure that I will like it too. So as I see the last version is GenoPro 2018 so that's what  want. Is there an offer that allows me to support the GenoProX and gives me also the GenoPro 2018 on best price? I couldn't found anything about this in the forum. Smile 
Best Regards.
Posted Monday, September 3, 2018 - Post #38894
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Hi Lyubomir,

While I answered to you personally, I’ll post a summary hereso others can view it in the public forum.

GenoProX is a new version of GenoPro which will have manymore new features.  GenoProX is designedto be a collaborative experience.  Youcan far more easily share them with friends, family, and coworkers.  But, not it’s not limited to sharing yourGenograms, others can also collaborate in creating them as you like.   GenoProX is a one in all solution, so thatif you wish to share your screen or have a voice call while you share/work together,you can without additional 3rd party software, and there is much more.  So as you can see there is more to GenoProX,than just genograms.
For example our new GenoProX grid is vastly more powerful than the one inGenoPro 2018, so managing large amount of people on GenoProX will be easier andmore powerful with GenoProX.

GenoProX also runs natively on Windows, Linux, and Mac OSX,unlike current GenoPro2018 which only runs on Windows.

Unfortunately we don't have a release date yet.  We are working on it every day, but there isa lot more in it that we are sure you will love.

With regards to supporting GenoProX, thank you.  The crowdfunding event was focused towardsexisting GenoPro users so they could get an upgrade on their GenoPro which hadsome new powerful features and support GenoProX in the process.  Any purchase of GenoPro 2018 supportsGenoProX as we are focused primarily on GenoProX development.  But we also like to give back, so for thetime being, any purchase of GenoPro 2018 will receive credit towards GenoProX,and GenoPro 2018 is a perpetual license, so you don't have to switch toGenoProX if you choose not to.

Note that GenoProX will have different pricing options thancurrent GenoPro.  With GenoProX, you willnot be forced to a perpetual license, we will have more affordable monthlyoptions including the ability to share credits with friends and family.  For example, if you wish to have a familymember help you with a Genogram, you could give them 2 months of Genopro usageto them.

Thank you for your questions and your support. 

Best Regards,


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