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Posted Wednesday, October 10, 2018 - Post #38987
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Last week we wanted to purchase the site licence, which listed it as $539 USD. However looking it this week it is asking for $1795 USD, is this correct or did we view something different initially?

Also, we are a charity organsation that deals with homeless children and look at re-uniting them with family members. Is there any way we can be applciable for a academic licence?

Posted Thursday, October 11, 2018 - Post #38989
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Your organization qualifies for our unlimited site license at the price of the academic site license.

With this site license, employees, volunteers, donors, partners, clients, foster and adoptive parents, people with addictions or mental health issues, young offenders, those who are victim of violence, individuals and families receiving benefits from your organization (Wesley Mission) are all welcome to install this version of GenoPro at home for work and/or personal projects such as genealogy.

With your purchase, the same amount ($395 USD) will be credited towards GenoProX.  GenoProX is the new product we are developing to work on all platforms (Mac, Windows, Linux, tablets and smartphones) and enabling real-time collaboration where multiple users may edit the same genogram (or family tree) simultaneously, similar as Google Docs. GenoProX has other collaboration features, such as a chat, file transfer, VoIP, and screen sharing with keyboard and mouse (useful for technical support).  We are using GenoProX internally within our employees every day.  GenoProX is not ready for the public yet, as its development turned out to be a bit more complicated than anticipated.  Writing quality software is time consuming.  

Of course, you will always be able to use GenoPro 2018, even when GenoProX is available, however we hope people will find superior value in GenoProX and will use it instead of GenoPro 2018.

If you wish to purchase a site license, please visit and select the option Unlimited Academic Site License.

Best Regards,
-- Dan.

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