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Find your purpose

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Author I fear you've lost your way
Posted Friday, December 6, 2019 - Post #40205
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I gotta say I was pretty darn impressed with GenoPro when I used it for a few projects back at university. That was a looooooong time ago. In the market to start a tree or two of my own lately, so I figured I'd see if yall were still around.

At first glance, it looked like you had a cool new product on the horizon! Then I actually looked around... Welp

I don't wanna just make assumptions and start firing off ill-informed advice, but my client pays me pretty well to do that, and I've had a few drinks, so forgive me. It's a hard switch to turn off. Anyway. I don't have budget for intel so I'll just go by public face. If I didn't know any better I'd say right around 2014 or 2015 someone had a grand idea - lets take this awesome geneology standalone and modernize it!!! All you gotta do is get some sweet venture capital and crank out a sleek rebranding effort. Software as a service? Check. Established audiences ready to willingly dump PII? Check. Let's kickstart this baby. Video-centric nu-web product demo page? Check. Twelve different target audiences shouted out across a twenty-five thousand pixel scroll-fest? Check. TWENTY THREE TIERS OF ACCESS? Oh yeah baby. That's a freakin' CHECK! Pop the champagne. All we gotta do is.. uh.. Oh.

Okay, okay, I'm being hyperbolic. I've seen one too many SaaS startups promise the moon as they're falling off a cliff. That doesn't mean I'm not sympathetic - I know a passion project when I see one. If nobody here actually cared about delivering a product, this forum would've 404'd years ago. That isn't the case and I commend you for it. Even if the certs are broken and the page looks like it was straight out of 2005, its the thought that counts.

But ultimately, my suggestion: try to find a purpose. You're trying to be everything to everyone. Not with a team of 102 overpaid contractors could you do this. The crowdfunding bubble is bursting and we hit peak social media years ago - nobody wants another interconnected one-click social media streaming service that links up with their washing machine and posts real-time updates to Twitter every time they add another one of grandma's sisters to the family tree. And honestly.. reconsider your emphasis on enterprise customers. IBM and Microsoft have tiered access too, unfortunately.

Wishing you all the best in whatever direction you choose though. Take it easy folks.

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