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Author Need help with uploading my tree to a web-site made on WIX
Posted Saturday, March 13, 2021 - Post #41295
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Hello everyone!
My first post here, as I would like to upload my tree from GenoPro to my web-site.
I just created my web-site today with only purpose - to publish my tree and make it visible to my relatives.
The thing is, I am unexperienced in front-end and web-design, that is why I used one of those site-constructors, namely WIX.
And now I see there options to upload different media, but no idea how to upload my tree (gedcom? html?)
Could someone please provide me with a guideline of doing that?
Posted Monday, March 15, 2021 - Post #41302
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Unfortunately I do not think it is possible to upload the Narrative Report generated by GenoPro onto the Wix platform.  Wix does not allow upload of HTML files and does not have the FTP facility that would be needed. 

GenoPro provides web hosting for its users on  I strongly recommend that you generate your report to familytrees and perhaps just use your Wix site as a landing page and add link(s) from there to your publications on GenoPro's servers.  You can set a password on any of your GenoPro publications to restrict access.

Before you do that however you might want to consider changing your user id number  1732998 to a more meaningful name as your web address for your publications will be optionally followed by a folder name.  Just click on the 'MyProfile' link toeards  the top right of this page and then the GenoPro icon/link towards top right of the next page. You can then change your username on that page.  Note that any publications made under your old username 1732998 will become inaccessible and so you should delete any first. 

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