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Selcting across Genomaps

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Author Propagation of selection following hiperlinked individuals
Posted Monday, June 14, 2021 - Post #41530
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Hi there!

There is something that often nags me a lot while regularly using GenoPro, and as I was here posting I took the chance to ask.
So, the situation is like this.
You have a file with several genomaps in it.
One individual X is present in two genomaps, thus becomes "linked" in blue, in one genomap A you have him with wife and children (descendants), in the other genomap B you have him with parents (ancestors) and siblings.
Now, you have his grandchild named Y in genomap A, you select him, and right click to get the option "Select" / "Select Direct Ancestors".
Now, that option will select all the direct ancestors WITHIN genomap A, never following individual X into genomap B with the corresponding ancestors.

When you have dozens of genomaps, linked together, this becomes terribly annoying. 
Is there any solution or workaround?

Thanks in advance!
Posted Tuesday, June 15, 2021 - Post #41533
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This is a known issue. The hyperlinked individual was a hack introduced in GenoPro 2007. We have resolved this issue with GenoProX where each object, whatever it is an individual, a family, an organization has a data component and views. It is therefore possible to have an individual with no views, such as an hidden individual, or an individual with multiples views on the same GenoMap or multiples GenoMaps. The code of GenoProX to select ancestors and descendents follows the data, and then select all the views within that GenoMap. If necessary, the code be tweaked to elect all the views of all GenoMaps too.

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