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Posted Tuesday, August 24, 2021 - Post #41670
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I have tried to find out if GenoPro has a duplicate individual finding feature. I found an old thread that started out promising but then jumped to a complicated merging capability. I don't need or want a merge... just the FIND capability. Once the possible duplicates are identified by the criteria below they just need to be presented. I would think the available FIND function would be able to do this now, maybe it does, I just dont know how to get it to do that?

Ideally the function would search all the individuals in a tree and present them if the relevant key parameters are meet, or come close. I like the fuzzy search in the current FIND command and I use it to help... but its a slow process of setting up a series of searches by hand and running through the possibilities... especially when you know the tool could kick off a search and run the through all of them and determine the best possible summary of duplicate candidates.

I tend to look for the following.... now its true that the DOB and DOD are not always available and you have to look at parents , siblings or children to get a ball park on when they might have been born or passed. But I think the tool can handle that since the relationships are know.

First Name
Last Name

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