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Please contact me with regarding to questions about enterprise license...

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Posted Thursday, August 26, 2021 - Post #41675
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Hi could you please email me? I would like to ask some technical questions about how the enterprise site license might work in our situation.  For example:
- can we set a default save location for all organisation users that is an external sql database?
- can we set up custom tags that are available to all organisation users e.g. a client Identification number from our CMS?
- is there any way to set up autonaming conventions for saving e.g. Client ID number & primary child's surname?

Thank you
Posted Tuesday, August 31, 2021 - Post #41686
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1) GenoPro supports the external storage which can save to any storage. We have a sample source code available at to show a file-based database. All you need is to implement 4 methods to map to your SQL database: FileList, FileOpen, FileSave and FileDelete. To mass deploy, just enter in the Registry the URL to connect to your SQL server.

2) GenoPro 2020 does not have built-in templates, however you are welcome to create an "empty" .gno document with the custom tags. Make this .gno document read-only and distribute to your organization. When someone wants to create a new genogram, just ask that person to double-click on that .gno document and the custom tags will be there. When the user wants to save, GenoPro will prompt to save under a different file name because the .gno document is read only.

3) No. You are welcome to give me some examples and I will add them to our JIRA database which tracks bugs and suggestions.

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