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DNA Testing Icons ... similar to Medical Testing Icons

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Posted Monday, April 11, 2022 - Post #42134
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I like the new feature that was added for tracking and displaying Covid test results.

Could this be expanded to include displaying who has done DNA tests, and which ones?

Say 3 icons, with one or more appearing at once.
  • One for an Autosomal Test
  • One for a Y-DNA Test
  • One for a mitochondrial DNA Test
There is a bunch of detail that goes with each test.
  • Some people do the same test with multiple companies, or transfer their raw data from one company to another.  eg, for the Autosomal Test, it's offered by Ancestry, FTDNA, MyHeritage, and others, and you can transfer raw data between some companies or to a 3rd party aggregator (GedMatch)
  • Y-DNA tests are basically only offered by FTDNA, but it's been done at various levels over the years (ie, 12, 25, 37, 67, 111, 500, and 700 markers)
  • mt-DNA tests are also basically only offered by FTDNA.  There used to be 2 lower level tests, but now there is only one full test available.
Would it be possible to change the colouring and/or display name of the icon as well?
  • For example, if you are testing multiple lines of your family, you might know the exact Y-DNA Haplogroup of your paternal grandfather is A-ABC and that of your maternal grandfather is X-XYZ.  It might be nice to make one icon blue and the other green, and change the label to match their Haplogroup?
  • Would there be a way to make some icons a lighter shade, and or include a small check mark to show it's "confirmed" vs "expected", or a lower level test?  For example, if I test myself, I know exactly what my Y-DNA Haplogroup is, and I expect that my father's, paternal uncle's, paternal grandfather, etc matches me.  I need to do 3 Y-DNA tests on 3 separate lines to triangulate the matches.
From what I've seen, wikitree does the best (only?) job of displaying who has done which DNA tests, showing confirmed matches, suggesting who test, and showing which of your ancestors are "confirmed".

Here's a summary of WikiTree DNA features:

Here's one particular view, showing confirmed DNA Matches (yellow DNA label), autosomal matches in Green, mitochondrial matches in Red, who might have received X-DNA in Black, and Y-DNA would have been in Blue, if she were a male and tested.:

Here's a link to an Ancestor Confirmation Aid (ACA), which shows an Ahnentafel chart and shows which of her genealogical ancestors she has confirmed is a genetic match:
There is a lot more information below where I cut it off showing which relatives did which tests to confirm which which ancestor is actually a relative.  Across the top, there are tabs you can click if you wanted to see additional information.  For example, say you wanted to confirm your 3rd Great Great Grandmother, Ahnentafel #39 .. you could click a few buttons and see who her possible DNA Descendants were, who has been tested, and figure out who you'd need to test to confirm she's an ancestor.

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Posted Wednesday, April 27, 2022 - Post #42168
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Wow, this is a beautiful post. I added an entry into our JIRA database for suggestions, improvements & bugs fixes. Your suggestion is #3405.

I will come and read your post again to make sure GenoProX can do something like you described. Thanks again.

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