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Tree diagram - how come there are two views?

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Posted Sunday, November 20, 2022 - Post #42596
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Hello for hopefully the last time as I am about to publish my Genomap online for the whole family.

After choosing the options upon generating a Narrative Report, the home page starts with the Name Index and if one clicks an individual's name, the diagram in the lower frame does not zoom out enough to be viewed in its entirety, even when the frame is maximized. However, the diagram can be seen in its entirety when clicking the tree icon on top of the page and then the map's family name. 

I've played with options, checked the forum...and don't see why this is or how to change it. The first scenario is the ideal. Even in the second scenario of clicking the tree icon on top of the page, the diagram reverts to the limited-zoom view when clicking a name on it. Having to explain the two views will be confusing to computer-dense relatives or, without an explanation, some may miss the option of seeing the entire diagram or bother me with questions.

Did I miss something?

Posted Sunday, November 20, 2022 - Post #42597
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The two views are used because of the different starting point of each.  When writing this code many many moons ago I considered that most people wanting to see a tree view whilst viewing an individuals page would like that tree view focused on that individual so that they could easily that person's relates to the rest of the tree. It is relatively easy to zoom out to the full tree using a mouse wheel or pinch gesture on a touch screen or touch pad.  The zoom buttons on screen do not work that well.  If a full tree view was presented it might be difficult to see were the individual was on the screen particularly with larger trees. However the addition of a 'zoom out to full tree view' button would also be useful here.

Alternatively when viewing a tree from the list of trees there is no such focus individual and therefore I feel that a full view of the tree is more sensible option.

If you are somewhat familiar with HTML then you might consider customising the help page to provide future guidance for relatives.

'lego audio video erro ergo disco' or "I read, I listen, I watch, I make mistakes, therefore I learn"

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