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License per team?

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Author License per team?
Posted Sunday, May 7, 2023 - Post #43059
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I have been wanting to purchase GenoPro for a while. However, it is billed by user licenses which means that when people leave then our resources become depleted. Is it possible to have one license per team (of say 4 people) under our team names rather than by staff member?

Posted Wednesday, May 17, 2023 - Post #43102
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Licenses of GenoPro are perpetual and reusable. If an employee leaves, you are welcome to use it for another user. By the way there is no login and/or registration of licenses: when you install GenoPro, you will see the Registration Dialog if the computer does not have a valid license/registration key. One you enter a permanent key, you will never see the Registration Dialog unless you install GenoPro to another computer.

If you are looking for one license for an entire team, I would recommend the unlimited site license. The benefit of the unlimited site license is there is no limit on the number of users, so when your organization grows, you don't have to worry about licenses.  The site license also has another benefit: the user does not need to enter/type a license key when installing GenoPro because there is no window to activate the registration key, thus saving time for the IT (or users) installing and your staff does not need to distribute and keep track of the license keys.  Finally, with a site license, all employees, volunteers, members, donors, clients, foster and adoptive parents, people with addictions or mental health issues, young offenders, those who are victim of violence, individuals and families receiving benefits or services from your organization are welcome to install GenoPro 2020 at home for work and/or personal projects such as genealogy.

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