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LocationMaps Description

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Author Narrative Report : ConfigMsg: LocationMaps Description Text so long
Posted Sunday, January 21, 2024 - Post #43686
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Hi, on the ConfigMsg of the Narraitve Report the description in the label:

                        Desc="The last four parameters can be overridden for particular Places by creating custom tags. Use the GenoPro Tools/Tag Editor to create a new Dialog Layout for Places named 'Mapping', set the description to '_Mapping' (N.B. The leading _ is important as it prevents these custom tags from being displayed as 'Place Additional Information' Under this Dialog Layout add 4 Custom tags: Map.Zoom, Map.Type 0=road, 1=terrain, 2=watercolour), Map.Width &amp; Map.Height (Used when map displayed inline on place page). You can then use the '_Mapping' tab on Place Properties window to tailor these values for each Place."
                        T="Display location maps for places?"
                        V="2021.08.21±" />

ist so long. You can't see all the text.

also we are speaking of 3 options for the Map.Type and I think that, we have actually only 2 0=road and 1=terrain

I just detected another long text:

                        Desc="Show source and citation names as an @ separated list of all citations/sources in a hierarchy. This will be of use if you have named your sources using single element names such a book, rather than qualified names such 'book on shelf at library etc. Note that special action is taken if the source title is the same as the parent title, i.e. it is inherited. If the WhereInSource (or 'reference') tag is present it is assumed to be a citation of a source rather than the source itself. In this case the WhereInSource takes the place of the title, so the joined name becomes 'WhereInSource @ source title'."
                        T="Concatenate names of hierachical sources?"
                        V="2013.04.05±" />

Edited: Sunday, January 21, 2024 by Jordi-Albert

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