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Problem with plurals

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Posted Monday, September 17, 2012 - Post #30649
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Since I never got to a solution with the general post I've decided to report this as a bug for the following reasons:
  1. It affects a lot of languages which are translating GenoPro (especially Slavonic ones)
  2. Bad plurals make the software look really poor to end users (imagine seeing "one cats" on screen)
  3. It requires a solution that works without taking out a postgrad in IT
  4. It's clearly solvable as virtually all software projects, especially open source ones, have implemented plural formatting.
Let me re-state the problem to begin with:

English has two plural forms, Form1 for "1" (one house) and Form2 (two houses) for "anything else". While that pattern is common, it is far from universal. Some languages like Chinese only have one plural form (one house, two house...) but many other languages get very elaborate. For example, my language has 4 plural forms:

Form1 for 1, 11 (aon taigh, aon chat)

Form2 for 2, 12 (dà thaigh, dà chat)

Form3 for 3-9, 13-19 (trì taighean, trì cait)

Form4 for ELSE (fichead taigh, fichead cat)

I won't go into the details (you can check out the other post for that) but while I'm told that in theory this is possible to solve with the rules generator, in practice, it's impossible for someone who is a good translator but not so good at code. Even with help from the forum.

The plural rules have beem formulated for a lot of languages in various places, for startes, Mozilla's plural list should cover all that we might need here (see this page).

I really think we need a bugfix that allows relatively simple implementation of  plurals for translators. Mozilla uses semicolon delimited lists, other projects have other approaches - I'm not fussed about what approach to take as long as it's workable. Smile


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