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Allow user definition of panel layout for Custom Tags

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Posted Friday, April 24, 2015 - Post #34963
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I have several fields which take values of only a single character or just a few, eg Y/N or Year Number. Allocating a whole horizontal line in the entry panel for each such field is a waste of space. How can I specify that more than one field be on each line?

I don't wish for complete control of field placement but would like to be able to group certain fields together on the same line.
Posted Saturday, April 25, 2015 - Post #34968
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The custom tag tab on the Proporties dialog cannot be changed.   to use a single  Another approach would be to use a single custom tag to record several values e.g.

myCustomTags = Marker1:Y, Marker2:N, Marker3:J, Year1:1951, Year2:2010, Text1:"some text" etc

I recall your earlier post about writing custom tag data to a gedcom export

In this case the script required in the Config Param field to access each value separately would be something like:

var Flags={Y:"Y", N:"N", J:"J"}, data={}, tag=(this.GetTagValue(i,"myCustomTags") + '') || '';
with (Flags) eval('data={'+tag+'};');   // create javascript object 'data' from tag values.
// then output gedcom for any subtags present e.g. 
Report.Write3Br('1 SomeTag ', data.Marker1, '');  // output Gedcom tag 'SomeTag' if Marker1 present
Report.WritePhrase('1 EVEN{\\br}2 Type your event name{\\br}2 Date {0}{\\br}', data.Year2); //output Gedcom event structure if Year2 present

The field names Marker1, Marker2, Year1, Year2, Text1 etc can of course ber chnaged to suit your own requirements

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