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Purchasing "SPONSOR GenoProX Expert"

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Author Purchase Rejected due to Registry key
Posted Thursday, May 26, 2016 - Post #37090
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I received a marketing email to upgrade my software.   My original license had a key that expired, and I desired to upgrade to the GenoPro X version.  Attempting to purchase "SPONSOR GenoProX Expert" was denied due to my previous license ending in -TMP.

So I upgraded first to GenoPro 2016 to cover the lapsed maintenance fee.  I charged $39 to my card.  Downloaded 2016 version and successfully registered the software.

Now when I attempt to Purchase the "SPONSOR GenoProX Expert", I get a message stating that I can't upgrade because I already have the 2016 license.

I did not realize that "Purchase" really meant "Upgrade".

I desire to purchase if possible as I desire to integrate this into my practice when GenoPro X is deployed.

Please advise.


Posted Friday, May 27, 2016 - Post #37097
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Dear Kent,
According to our records, you purchased GenoPro 2016 for $39 (using the 20% discount from our newsletter).  The packages of GenoProX are for those who already purchased GenoPro before and are upgrading to GenoPro 2016.  We are bundling those GenoProX packages to give extra value to the $15 upgrade from GenoPro 2011 to GenoPro 2016.

Your purchase of $39 will be credited towards GenoProX.  When GenoProX will be available, you will be able to pick any GenoProX product with your balance, and if your balance is insufficient, you pay the extra.  For instance, a permanent license of GenoProX Expert (for genograms) will sell at $49, so you will have to pay $10 extra to upgrade from your GenoPro 2016 to GenoProX Expert.

We are working hard to give good value for your money and at the same making it fair to early users who made a purchase prior GenoPro 2016 and spending an extra $15 (or more) to upgrade GenoPro 2015.

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