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Google Maps API Key

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Posted Saturday, April 18, 2020 - Post #40411
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I understand an Google API Key is now needed in order to generate a report.

After reading Topic38774 and doing some research, I did go to Google Cloud Platform and follow instructions to obtain a API key.  Long story short I did go through the process (including entering billing information) to create and enable/activate an API Key.  However, upon returning to see what the key (number?) is, there was more needed.  Google needs genopro's domain.  I tried but it is not listed in Google's authorized domains.

Alternatively, my preference is to disable the Google Map feature in GenoPro all together.  I do not need interactive mapping or mapping of any kind since most of my locations aren't specific. 

In short:

1.  How can Google Map feature be disabled (so that no API Key needs to be obtained).
2.  If the feature cannot be disabled, what is genepro's domain? and anything else Google will ask in order to complete the API Key application/request.

Thanks -
Posted Saturday, April 18, 2020 - Post #40412
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The 'domain' you require to restrict access to your API key is stated somewhere in the topic you quoted, i.e.* or in your particular case*

BTW if you would like a username instead of a number go to , thn logout if logged in, and create a new account with a name. Alternatively you can chnage your number to a name when logged in at but I think if you do that you will lose access to any content on familytrees create under your user number.

To disable the inclusion of Google Maps on the Narrative Report simply uncheck the option on the Google Map Settings tab of the Parameter Setting dialogue

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