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Printing a very large tree

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Author Can GenoPro handle 1.75M records?
Posted Saturday, July 23, 2022 - Post #42336
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I have a tree in Root Magic 8 it is 1,769,489 entries/records   It covers 4000 years

I tried to print my 33 GGF descendants, it didn't happen, I allowed thirty minutes for it to process - IT DIDN'T       Will your software process this much.

William Wallace (braveheart is my 32st GGU)      "William the Conqueror" is my 25th GGF - Tila of Hun is 44th GGF   a lot work unable to print.  

Ancestral Quest software could print large files, 36,000 pages  70 reams of paper, but couldn't handle the growing tree (at this time tree was 1.6 million) so have added a lot more with roots magic.

Please tell you have a program that can print large files - my computer is at 16 MB Ram   computer that handled 36K pages was 8 MB Ram.

Here's hoping,

Gary       gary.thexton@ 

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Posted Monday, July 25, 2022 - Post #42339
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A recent file on GenoPro contains c.95000 Individuals, each with many pieces of infomation.
You do not mention the style of report you are looking for. The main starting point in GenoPro is a family tree diagram and this can be printed in a variety of ways at different sizes. However a tree more than a few hundred indiviuals is difficult to look at. The approach used is to split the tree into linked sub trees.
Various text reports are included such as Ahnentafel, Ancestor or Descendant or a Narrative Report

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