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Should I migrate from GenoPro 2011 to current version and latest...

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Author Will it be a 5 minute job or a lengthy journey down the rabbit hole filled with gotchas?
Posted Saturday, May 21, 2022 - Post #42212
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Its been a long time since I last posted here (2013?). I hope you've been well Genome! 

I was over at my dad's yesterday and we got to looking at the narrative report of the family tree online, that's when I noticed the Google Maps API errors stopping the maps displaying.

I've had a good look through the forum and I've found the threads relating to this - the whole business about needing to sign up for a Google Maps API with credit card details, and the great work you've done to switch to the LeafletJs javascript library using OpenStreetMap tiles.

I last published my family tree using a version of the Narrative_2012.09.20 report using GenoPro2011, back in 2013. 

So... I'm pondering whether I should upgrade to GenoPro2020 and regenerate the family tree using the latest version of the narrative report.

This isn't a current hobby for me, so I'm not sure what level of effort I want to go to - I guess the killer question is whether this will be a 5 minute job or a lengthy journey down the rabbit hole filled with gotchas given that I'd be skipping a couple of versions of GenoPro?

Before I spotted the Google API issue I'd been planning to hold off publishing a new narrative report until a frame free version of the narrative report was released. So my secondary question is whether that is on the roadmap? 

Finally - do we have an inside story on what's happening with the development of GenoPro itself? Back in 2013 it sounded like the developer had found something more interesting to do instead (something oddly conspiracist in nature if memory serves) and it didn't sound like GenoPro had a future. This was the main reason I drifted off and lost interest. However - I see there've been at least 2 new versions of GenoPro since then...
Posted Sunday, May 22, 2022 - Post #42213
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Hi 'Harry', good to hear from you again after all this time!  Hope you are doing OK, my old bones and body are showing clear signs of age but mustn't complain.  

Rather than rewrite the Narrative Report a few years back I wrote  GenoTab, a GenoPro viewer for tablets and smartphones, initially as a prototype for a report for GenoProX but then adapted it to run on GenoPro. You may like to take a look.  You can find it in my latest Report Skins bundle at Updates to Report Skin Templates since GenoPro 2020 version  I think these can be run from GenoPro 2011 as well so no need to upgrade.  You will also find the updated Narrative Report with LayerJs & OSM tiles.

As for GenoPro development, You will have seen that the promises of GenoProX have still not been kept after many many years.  Yes, Dan, the owner and developer of GenoPro got distracted along the way and went óff piste' for some time.  I believe they are now struggling with the collaboration aspect of the new software.  It was this very issue that killed off a previous attempt to add collaboration to GenoPro, long before GenoProX was launched.  Strange that GenoPro user profiles/accounts are still held at web address BigGrin
However I do believe Dan is still committed to completing GenoProX (its just that nobody knows when Unsure )

Yes there have been maintenance releases of GenoPro up to GenoPro 2020 but IMO nothing exciting.  You could download GenoPro 2020 without upgrading and use it in view only mode but could produce reports too I think, but as I said I think they will also work with GenoPro 2011.

Happy to help further if I can, 

Very Best Wishes,


'lego audio video erro ergo disco' or "I read, I listen, I watch, I make mistakes, therefore I learn"
Posted Sunday, May 22, 2022 - Post #42214
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Hi Ron,

Thank you - I was really pleased to see you are still posting here!

I came through the pandemic without getting covid, but I dislocated my right shoulder in late 2020, and then two months ago I tore my left achilles. I should audition for a zombie role, I'd have no problem with the whole hunch and lurch gait BigGrin  I've definitely left the "sunlit uplands" of middle age behind w00t

On the plus side - being immobile means I can't do the projects I had planned (painting stairs/landing, and garden makeover) - so I do have time to dive back into all the family tree stuff. 

Given what you've said about the latest releases - I think I'll have a go with the latest GenoPro - I was sort of worried there would be incompatibilities with my old .gno files, or a steep learning curve Rolleyes

I'd spotted a post about GenoTab - I'm going to give that a go for sure!

My published family tree was generated with a custom version of Narrative_2012.09.20 (mainly changes to lang.vbs to the subs to generate the TOCs (mainly I was suppressing the A-Z level of the TOCs to make the indexes more compact and easier for me to use). 

I spent a bit of time last night looking at the latest report skin bundle, focused on the narrative report, to work out whether I could re-introduce my customisations into the current Narrative report (assuming I can figure out / remember exactly what I was customising back in 2013 - I think I commented everything I changed lol). 

I was daunted at first when I saw how radically different the file structure of the downloaded bundle was, but was reassured when I realised the files I'm most familiar with modding are still all there. (As you know I can't actually code - I'm just an endlessly patient "hack and slash" "trial and error" merchant.)

I'm pleased GenoPro is still being developed. We all have our foibles and passions - and having found and re-read Dan's 2013 post where he talked about taking a break to work on a project that would help communities - that was a noble goal even if it did sound a bit out there. I shouldn't be such a cynic.

All the best
"Harry" Wink

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